Man + Doctor

23rd July : gallery of images from the book appeared in the guardian

Man + Doctor book cover

Most of these images were drawn in the bed of a London hospital… They tell the wordless story of encounters with doctors, starting from the patient’s attempts to avoid the scalpel and then, once surgery becomes inevitable, watching himself learn to cope with days and weeks spent in hospital beds. The fears, boredoms and uncertainties are portrayed with heart-felt self-parody and a stark frankness. The patient is also the man, looking at himself from inside and out, laughing at himself, and even laughing at himself laughing at himself. ‘Nowhere outside the theatre of man+doctor do such concentrated dramas have so short a run, nor the views from each end of the opera glasses appear so different.’

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postcards 3

1  the artist and his model
2  quilt
3  the status crow
4  chord
5  'I know you're there'
6  'our heads are round to allow thought to change direction' (Francis Picabia)
7  songs my mother taught me
8  Dali and Bunuel - 'their eyes met across a clouded moon'
9  soliloquy
10 man hurdling at home
11 man + world
12 'Outside of a dog there's nothing like a good book. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read' (Groucho)

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1.  too many bright stars           2.  snow sheep
3.  christmas cow                   4.  pantomime
5.  christmas is not just for a dog 6.  snow owl
7.  'your baggage, ma'am'           8.  new leaf
9.  mind the gap                    10. clock-wise
11. forecast                        12. exit
13. beckett                         14. humps
15. truth & reconciliation          16. jokers
17. mightier                        18. funeral of drawing
19. two men remembering             20. three yellow flowers
21. winged                          22. stamps, please
23. archipelago                     24. man on ledge
25. Hotel Neptune, Valencia


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1.  artist and shadow      2.  artist as a young man
3.  baguettes              4.  balance
5.  bayeux patisserie      6.  bateaux livres
7.  big man dancing        8.  bookseller
9.  chairmen               10. cup of coffee
11. throw of the dice      12. drawing
13. l'esprit de l'escalier 14. fast food
15. hindsight              16. homme du siecle
17. librarian              18. a life in the day
19. man + buckets          20. man + doctor
21. man + mind             22. man + moon
23. man + plane            24. man + words
25. memory                 26. men singing
27. men watching           28. Orpheus
29. pills                  30. pushing
31. Q-attack               32. rescue
33. shadow                 34. snails
35. stretch                36. tango
37. tickets                38. UBU as a young man
39. man+dog in the wind    40. white square
41. wine lover